A walk in the car to the coast

I took Claire on a mystery tour of the Oregon coast on Saturday and Sunday.

Well, what little of it we could see through the rain.

First stop was Astoria, homeland of the Goonies, so we HAD to stop by the Goonies house. Unfortunately it turned out that the Goonies were voting Romney, so we didn’t stick around.

“Hey You Guuuys!”

Astoria (oldest town West of the Rockies, which isn’t saying much), looked like it could be pretty on a nice day but we didn’t really stop to find out.

Next stop was the very revered Cannon Beach. We stepped on to the beach for all of 5 minutes. The wind was blowing up wet sandstorms and we were completely saturated with water almost immediately. There are several huge rocks jutting out from an otherwise perfect flat sandy beach. It looks like it would be be fabulous in the Spring.

We drove off hastily past ‘Seaside’ (a really bleak looking one-horse town) in an effort to get to our lodgings, near a town called ‘Manzanita’ (meaning little apple, but really referring to the type of tree-shrub that completely covers the area). We stayed at the ‘Zen Gardens guest house’ with our English hostess, Mrs. Smigel. Like everything else over the weekend,   we could only speculate on how nice it would be if the sun came out, particularly the outdoor Zen bath and relaxing in the beautifully groomed garden.

At the end of her road was the wild, rugged and absolutely wonderful Nehalem Bay beach. It was still a 45º power-shower on Sunday, but we braved it to wander for a couple of miles. It was slightly spooky as the mist quickly swallowed all other beachwalkers, leaving us feeling completely alone with the dunes and the strange driftwood sculptures.


Claire spotted an interesting set of tracks as we crossed the dunes. 
Then later on, when we were exploring a nearby wood, look who we saw!

(sorry about the blurry pic) She was totally blasé about our presence, but eventually got bored and wandered off into the woods.


This kind of lichen hangs off loads of the trees in the area – sometimes it grows so long that from a distance they look a little like haunted weeping willows.

Unfortunately my iPhone managed to also soak up water after that, and all the remaining shots are in an extreme 70s soft-focus. So I’ll just tell you about the spooky mudflats, the rows of posts going out into nowhere, visiting a lighthouse at dusk, and the intensely stormy drive back through landscape that rose out of the gloom like we were taking journey into the mouth of Mordor.
And now today it’s clear skies and a full moon!

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