Before the move…

Up until this year our lives weren’t exactly super active. So it was a strange feeling to have to plan our tasks hour-by-hour, with the knowledge that no matter how quickly we worked, everything was not going to get done. It gives me even more admiration for the busy people (looking at you, Charlie and Emma) who work so hard and produce so much!

Our most intensive task was to balance seeing all our favourite faces with the absurd project of emptying and cleaning the flat. And spending two weeks driving across America right in the middle of it all!

We drove across London six times and to Wales, Oxfordshire and Stroud all in the last week. This epic journey was started when the bumbling five drove to Bridgend to visit Betty, and claire’s Grandad Ivor who was in hospital.



The climax was our friends’ wedding on Saturday followed by an all-night marathon of cleaning which we finished just in time for our landlady to visit and to catch a taxi to the airport.




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